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Charlie Smith


Charles Sinclair (Charlie) Smith graduated from Princeton in mathematical statistics in 1969, and served in the U. S. Navy as a submarine supply officer. He went on to work as an analyst in the Systems Analysis group in the Office of the Secretary of Defence. In the energy crisis of 1976-77 he established the Office of Energy Information Validation (now called The Energy Information Administration) for the newly formed Department of Energy. Over the next several years, the office played a significant role in improving the quality of energy data and analysis, and getting the facts broadly accepted. This helped move the energy debate from what are the facts to what to do about the facts.

After leaving government service in 1980, Charlie served as Executive Director of the System Development Foundation, establishing their operations. He went on to work as VP R&D (CAS) of Schlumberger and as a principal in three start-ups - Aware, Inc., listed on the NASDAQ; Filoli Information Systems, sold to Xerox Insurance; and Tachyon Semiconductor (now Tezzaron Semiconductor), which is still in a development stage. He also maintained a lively consulting practice dealing in both data analysis and in strategy.

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Mike Allen

Michael E. (Mike) Allen has spent most of his professional life as Managing Partner of W.R. Allen Associates, Consultants in transportation and Economics. The firm achieved public recognition for sorting out the real property acquisition history of the Penn Central, as part of the bankruptcy proceeding. In addition Mike has provided management support for various short line railroad companies, including serving as operating officer of the Bristol Terminal Railroad Company from 1993-1995. He currently serves in a similar role for New Jersey Seashore Lines.

A long time resident of Princeton, New Jersey, Mike graduated from Trenton State College in 1981. He was active in the New Jersey Army National Guard and the U. S. Army Reserve from 1975 through 2001, serving in various billets in the Field Artillery, Military Police and Intelligence. As a citizen soldier, he served Operation Desert Storm. He considers the five years he was attached to the ROTC program at Princeton University as the Associate Director of Army Officer Education as being the high point of his military service.

Randy Burns

Randall James (Randy) Burns took his degree in economics from the University of Chicago in 1981. Randy has devoted most of his career to the management, editing and analysis of large data bases. Of particular note is his work on fraud detection for credit card transactions. He integrated HNC's neural net technology with a data base for Household Credit Corporation. This was the prototype of what is now the Falcon software, the most successful and widely used credit card fraud detection software. He is also proud of his work on Florida corruption as part of the clean up of Riscorp by Zenith National Insurance.

In 2001, Randy responded to the software employment crisis by returning to his roots in political economy while continuing data base work. He has written often about immigration, especially H-1b/L-1 issues, pricking political pre-conceptions on all sides on the VDARE website. Randy has also been active in organizing data and analyses of political finance and decisions. A resident of Washougal, Washington, Randy is the father of 3 children.

Tim Campbell

John Timothy (Tim) Campbell, is a 2nd generation oilman. After graduating from the Principia College and Southern Methodist University School of Law, Tim became a member of the Texas Bar in 1970.

Tim worked initially at Amoco on the production side, starting in Houston but quickly moving overseas. Tim was a negotiator, economic analyst and manager for Amoco International Oil Company in North Africa and the Middle East. He went on to found and run Amerabia Corporation, his own legal and production services company out of Cairo. Returning to the US, he founded Campbell Energy Corporation which provided consulting services to major energy producers, including Pacific Gas and Electric, and funded 14 successful oil and gas partnerships in Texas and California in the 80's.

On the refining side, Tim founded Alaska Pacific Refining to build and operate a 120,000 bbl per day refinery in Valdez, Alaska. The project foundered on the rocks of the Exxon Valdez incident. He went on to run Paramount Petroleum Corporation, a 41,000 barrel per day specialty refinery in the LA area. He is particularly proud of having improved operating margins by reducing emissions.

The father of two teenagers, Tim lived in the Santa Barbara area for many years, where he was active in public affairs and government. Tim now lives in Houston.

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Papers by Tim Campbell

Reducing POL Imports without Changing Consumer Culture

Duke Winsor


Niels Karl (Duke) Winsor received his PhD from Princeton in astrophysical sciences, an MA from Dartmouth in physics and astronomy, and bachelors degrees in physics and mathematics from MIT. His thesis research at Princeton concentrated on controlled nuclear fusion. In a career devoted to applying physical theory and computation to new applications, Dr. Winsor has produced surprising and useful results in areas including energy storage, very high power energy transfer, underwater directed energy, acoustic propagation in shallow underwater channels, and pattern recognition using artificial intelligence.

After completing his PhD, Duke was invited to join the staff of Princeton University. From there, he went to the U. S. Naval Research Laboratory where he was head of the computational physics section. He has since worked or consulted for General Dynamics, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the University of Maryland, and several smaller high tech companies.

Duke's diversions include flying (Private and Commercial pilot's licenses), radio (Amateur and 1st Class Commercial licenses), and markmanship (CCP). He lives in Albuquerque with his teen-aged son and daughter.

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