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Tim Campbell

John Timothy (Tim) Campbell, is a 2nd generation oilman. After graduating from the Principia College and Southern Methodist University School of Law, Tim became a member of the Texas Bar in 1970.

Tim worked initially at Amoco on the production side, starting in Houston but quickly moving overseas. Tim was a negotiator, economic analyst and manager for Amoco International Oil Company in North Africa and the Middle East. He went on to found and run Amerabia Corporation, his own legal and production services company out of Cairo. Returning to the US, he founded Campbell Energy Corporation which provided consulting services to major energy producers, including Pacific Gas and Electric, and funded 14 successful oil and gas partnerships in Texas and California in the 80's.

On the refining side, Tim founded Alaska Pacific Refining to build and operate a 120,000 bbl per day refinery in Valdez, Alaska. The project foundered on the rocks of the Exxon Valdez incident. He went on to run Paramount Petroleum Corporation, a 41,000 barrel per day specialty refinery in the LA area. He is particularly proud of having improved operating margins by reducing emissions.

The father of two teenagers, Tim lived in the Santa Barbara area for many years, where he was active in public affairs and government. Tim now lives in Houston.

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Papers by Tim Campbell

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