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Randy Burns

Randall James (Randy) Burns took his degree in economics from the University of Chicago in 1981. Randy has devoted most of his career to the management, editing and analysis of large data bases. Of particular note is his work on fraud detection for credit card transactions. He integrated HNC's neural net technology with a data base for Household Credit Corporation. This was the prototype of what is now the Falcon software, the most successful and widely used credit card fraud detection software. He is also proud of his work on Florida corruption as part of the clean up of Riscorp by Zenith National Insurance.

In 2001, Randy responded to the software employment crisis by returning to his roots in political economy while continuing data base work. He has written often about immigration, especially H-1b/L-1 issues, pricking political pre-conceptions on all sides on the VDARE website. Randy has also been active in organizing data and analyses of political finance and decisions. A resident of Washougal, Washington, Randy is the father of 3 children.