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Mission of the Diogenes Institute

The Diogenes Institute, a non-partisan organization with no policy agenda of its own, provides facts - in as full a context as possible - on social and economic topics affecting national policy. Existing institutions are not filling this role. Academic research tends to be deep but narrow. And, integrative analysis has become highly politicized in recent years notably by advocates who focus debate on non-central issues and obscure important consequences.

The Diogenes Institute is an operating 501c3 corporation, chartered in California and funded largely by public donations. Institute analysts track a related set of topics relating to national social and economic concerns. For each topic area, Institute analysts highlight important issues, then prepare an overview paper(s) that examines the economic and social consequences for individuals, families, and the nation as a whole of current and alternative policies. Using the analysis underlying these papers as a framework, the Institute factually evaluates the statements and omissions of advocates on all sides of the selected policy areas.

The Diogenes Institute maintains an active program of dissemination and education in all areas where it is conducting analysis.